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Ugandan Music Star Fakes Accent and Gets in Trouble

Accents hold powerful connotations which is certainly true in Uganda. Uganda is a linguistically diverse country whose official languages are Swahili and English. Uganda also has forty indigenous languages that fall into three main families – Bantu, Nilotic, and Central Sudanic – with another 2 languages in the Kuliak family. Uganda also has several well-known dialects. An example of a Ugandan Central division dialect of English is some people pronounce “clothes,”  “clo-dhe-s”, and “countries” “cown-trees.” Recently, a Ugandan singer has come under fire for “faking” this very accent. Detractors claim that using this dialect betrays the people that come from this region and use this speech pattern naturally. While we here at the Accent Training Center believe people have the right to speak how they wish, it is interesting to observe how others use and interact with accents and dialects.

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