Teaching ESL Conversation

PPP, presentation, practice, and production can be used to teach a variety of language skills.  One skill that can be taught using PPP is ESL conversation.  An example of an ESL conversation topic would be ‘doctors visits.’  This topic could be covered on a basic and advanced level and on many different aspects, but this lesson plan is designed for intermediate students dealing with basic visits.  This topic is appropriate for this level because doctor visits are a relevant and necessary thing to learn.  The ability to handle doctor visits is important for ESL learner from a person living in an English speaking country to a short-term traveler. At and intermediate level, students are able to ask and answer questions and have an ability to use a larger vocabulary needed to go to the doctors.

The first part of PPP, presentation, mostly involves the teacher introducing a new point in the classroom.  During this part the teacher also introduces new vocabulary and other information relevant to the new topic.  This lesson plan accomplishes the ‘presentation’ by having the teacher introduce the topic and new vocabulary.  The teacher then elicits questions from students in order to encourage them to use new vocabulary and become more confident in speaking about doctors visits.

The second part of PPP, practice, involves different types of practice where the students can apply the new information.  The new information is normally applied in a more control way using more rigid drills.  This lesson plan includes filling out a worksheet.  Not only is this a valuable skill, it also allows the student to practice using new vocabulary in a more controlled way and gives them an opportunity to review new vocabulary.

The third part of PPP, production, involves learners apply what they learned either in writing or speaking in a free flowing way.  This can take place using worksheets, role-playing, or games.  This lesson plan involves having students participate in role-playing to practice producing sentences they would have to in a real visit.