Ohio’s Spanish Speaking Communities

Ohio might not be the first state you would envision with a significant Hispanic population.  However, Ohio currently has 350,000 Hispanic individuals comprising 3.1 percent of the state’s total population.  According to the 2010 census, Ohio’s Hispanic population grew by 63.4 percent since the year 2000.  America has seen a demographic trend of a growing Hispanic population; Ohio and Cleveland are definitely involved.

Here’s a quick overview:

  •  354,674 people – 3.1 percent of Ohio’s total population
  •  63.4 percent increase in population since 2000
  • 76,000 were born outside the U.S.
  •  Median age of 24.5 years compared to 38.8 years for Ohioans as a whole
  • Median household income: $34,500
  • 9,700+ Hispanic-owned businesses with $2.3 billion in receipts

There are often is some confusion as the the proper definition of terms.  Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish refers to a person whose origins are from Spain, the Spanish-speaking countries of Central or South America, the Dominican Republic, or people identifying themselves generally as such.  People who identify their origin as Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino may be of any race.

Demonstrated by the demographics, it’s clear that the Hispanic population of Ohio is an emerging economic market.  Ohio’s workforce will continue to undergo changes as this growing demographic continues to interact with the current workforce.

The following is a breakdown of the total population and percentage of the population by county.

Hispanic Population by County: 2010

Cuyahoga County 4.8%
Cuyahoga County 61,270

Sandusky County 8.9%
Franklin County 55,718

Defiance County 8.7%
Lucas  County 26,974

Lorain County 8.4%
Lorain County 25,290

Fulton County 7.8%
Hamilton County 20,607

Henry County 6.6%
Butler County 14,670

Lucas County 6.1%
Montgomery County 12,177

Huron County 5.6%
Mahoning County 11,136

Putnam County 5.5%
Summit County 8,660

Franklin County 4.8%
Lake County 7,825

Cuyahoga County 4.8%
Stark County 5,965

Mahoning County 4.7%
Wood County 5,663 Wood County 4.5%