Neutral accents are the best if you want to get ahead

A recent article reported that U.K. business owners believe strong regional and “working class”accents might be holding people back from advancing their careers.  Despite having an accent native to England, the worst accent for job seekers was a “working-class,” accent.  Seventy percent of the business owners reported that they might have serious doubts about employing someone who spoke using the accent.  Forty-nine percent reported that the Cockney accent could present problems while conducting business.

The regional accents that 61% of respondents most closely associated with success are Home Countries’ and the American accent.  Showing that the American Standard Accent has respect even in other countries such as England.

The poll was conducted by the executive communications consultancy, The Aziz Corporation.

The organisation’s Chairman, Professor Khalid Aziz said: “This survey shows yet again that many potential business leaders may be condemned by their accent.