Importance of Communication in the Medical Profession

As you may have noticed, more and more people who enter the medical profession in the United States are foreign born. This is perhaps because it is much cheaper to study medicine abroad, and of course, the pay is much better in the United States. Those that want to succeed in the medical profession here, whether they are a nurse, doctor, or pharmacist need to communicate properly. If you are a foreign native this can sometimes be difficult due to differences in accents, which is why accent reduction is beneficial

So why is communication important in the medical profession? Well, of course you will be dealing with members of the public throughout the day, and be required to relay complex medical information to both patients and co-workers.  You need to be clear in what you say in order to ensure that they understand the entire message. You do not want them to leave the room feeling a bit ‘perplexed’ about everything. Every word that leaves a medical professional’s mouth needs to be clear and understandable. Even if you are ‘fluent’ in English, there may be little nuances in pronunciation that slip through; this can make even the simplest words hard to understand. Therefore you might benefit from accent modification, specifically accent reduction for medical professionals in order to curb these nuances, and hopefully eventually eliminate them all together.

Communication is also incredibly important because sometimes during your professional career you will encounter people who are not in the proper frame of mind to really understand a standard accent, let alone one which is incredibly ‘heavy’. This can, of course, mean that it is hard to communicate and retain control a situation. It is therefore recommended that you make yourself as easy to understand as possible, and accent reduction is possibly one of the best ways to go about it.

In the medical profession you will often be passing on information to ‘superiors’, who need to know the full extent of a patient’s condition, and therefore all information needs to be relayed to them in a proper way, that way they can understand the situation and know how to best proceed in order to provide the best care to the patient. Effective communication also ensures you will have the opportunity to reach those higher positions in the profession too.

Finally, medical professionals, particularly pharmacists and doctors need to give advice. It is critical that this advice is followed properly or it could result in severe illness, or even death. Printing up the advice simply isn’t good enough, as people generally don’t read what’s handed to them. Therefore the doctors and pharmacists need to ensure that the patient is getting the right information, and ultimately that they are understanding the information.
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