ESl Lesson Plan Pronunciation

Level : advanced intermediate-advanced

Target Audience: Speakers of Asian languages who have difficulty distinguishing between L and R
Total time: 1 hour plus
Type & Subject: Listening and speaking exercise

Materials Needed: R-L worksheets

Lesson Objective: To learn the differences between L and R and practice pronouncing them

Assumptions: Students have a reasonable grasp of English

Anticipated Problems & Solutions:  Difficulty in explaining mouth positions.
Solution – Accompanying sheets with specific diagrams



Strategy 1:  Introduction of Minimal Pairs (awareness)


Time: 10-15 min

Purpose of Procedure: to gain awareness of minimal pairs and accurate pronunciation

Presentation/Pre-teach: Explanation of what minimal pairs. Explanation that L and R are minimal pairs in English.

CCQs: What is a minimal pair?  Can you think of any words that are minimal pairs?  What sounds do you have trouble pronouncing?  How do you plan on improving your pronunciation?  How can you befit by improving your pronunciation?  Why is improving pronunciation important to you?


Problems & Solutions:  Students might get bored listening to the teacher read
Solution – Thoroughly prepare introduction to cut down on time to quickly move on to activity.  Ask CCQs to keep up interest levels and not have the teacher over explain.


Strategy 2: Positions of L and R


Time 10-15 min

Purpose of Procedure: Students develop speaking skills of R/L in all word positions

Presentation/Pre-teach:  separate into groups of two with worksheets

Pairs:  Pairs read R/L in different positions of words.  Students check each other for correct pronunciation
Strategy 3: Pronunciation of non-sense words


Time 10-15 min

Purpose of Procedure: For students to grasp mechanics of pronunciation without context of words

Pairs: Students read nonsense words while being checked for pronunciation by their partner


Problems & Solutions:  Students may become bored working with the same partner

Solution – switch partners


Strategy 4:  Speaking Exercises


Time 20+

Purpose of Procedure:  For students to practice production skills with their new awareness of L/R in speaking

Pairs:  Students use words that have Ls and Rs to create unique sentences in pairs