Effective use of activities and games

Mingle Activity for intermediate level students:  Give students a list of the following to check off when they meet people.

Find someone whose first name and last name begins with the same letter.

Find someone whose first name and last name ends with the same letter.

Find someone who is married.

Find someone who speaks more than 2 languages.

Find someone who has lived in more than 2 countries.

Find two people who play two different instruments.

Find two people that have two different jobs.

Information gap activity:


States how many miles it has.

States what condition it is in.


How many miles does it have?

Has it ever been in form repairs?

How much does this car normally sell for?

Monopoly and clue might be the best choices for language learning.  They each contain difficult vocabulary like boardwalk, candle stick, revolver etc.  They also have complicated rules that are difficult to explain.  They also don’t involve lots of conversation.

In order to make them more appropriate for language learners I would make the following changes.  I would require students to create a sentence using new vocabulary/grammar in order to buy property.  If using the class was going over arithmetic I would have students announce their dice rolls as math problems i.e. one die says 6 the other say seven, six plus seven equals thirteen.

Games like Charades or 20 questions are great of ESL classrooms.  Firstly, these games help shier students.  When they start playing the game they’ll forget their shyness and start participating.  These games are also very verbal.  20 questions involves students forming sentences that will best reveal the information they way.  Charades involves students using a large vocabulary to try to guess action.