Do you have English Anxiety?

ou might be asking yourself, ” What is English Anxiety?” “English Anxiety” is a term used to describe the fear, apprehension, and self-doubt that some English as a foreign language speakers experience when they think about speaking English or using English. English Anxiety is caused by having the following fears:

  • being made fun of/ not being taken seriously
  • being asked to repeat oneself
  • not appearing or sounding professional
  • simply not being understood
  • having the way your speaking overshadow what you’re saying

English Anxiety doesn’t just cause unease within a person.  There are several real consequences of English Anxiety such as:


  •   a lack of confidence
  • failure to express one’s opinions when needed
  • unwillingness to be assertive
  • lack of interest/ability to take leadership roles

If “English Anxiety” sounds all too familiar to you, it might be a good time to consider accent reduction training