Accent Reduction for Corporations and Businesses

Accented professionals can often be misunderstood, passed over for advancement, or not hired. A lack of clarity in communication should never hold back your most qualified employees. Selecting a qualified professional to help work with your staff to help improve the way they speak English is the key to the success; of your company and your employees.

Your employees are the voice and image of your company. Non-native English  speaking professionals interact with clients or may be in management positions. Clear and smooth employee to customer interactions increase the perception of your company. Enrolling employees in corporate accent reduction courses increases employee loyalty.

Many accented professionals experience barriers when communicating which affects their professional development, hinders sharing ideas, and can cause costly misunderstandings. People should never be held back professionally or socially due to communication barriers that result from speaking with a foreign accent. Speaking English with a more neutral accent increases confidence, allows ideas to be shared, and reduces misunderstandings.