10 Benefits to hiring an Accent Coach

Are you still struggling to achieve the American Accent?

Here are the top ten benefits to hiring an Accent Coach.  Believe us there are more.

  1. A coach can customize a program to meet your specific needs.  Not all accents are the sameeven if someone shares your same native language!  Additionally, not everyone learns the same.
  2. An accent coach can identify the error patterns you make when you speak.  You might not realize you are making a mistake or maybe you might think you’re making a mistake when your not.
  3. An accent trainer can offer constructive feedback as you progress.  It always helps to have someone cheer you  as you work on a project or goal.  It helps boost your moral, keep motivated, and ultimately focused on achieving your goal – improving your accent!  A coach can redirect you if a particular drill or method isn’t working for you and offer new suggestions of exercises.
  4. An  accent coach can help you take what you learn in the classroom into everyday life.   Each individual has different needs and an accent coach can help you ‘generalize’ what you learn into your life.
  5. An certified accent trainer can proved pre and post test levels to determine your percentage of improvement upon completion.  Isn’t it more satisfying to know on paper that your hard effort paid off?
  6. An accent coach is aware of all the resources available to help you such as books, magazines, clubs, CDs, MP3s, podcasts etc.
  7. Most coaches are coaches for the long-haul! If you have any questions or run into an problems in the future they are available to help you out.
  8. Accent reduction costs are actually a very cost and time efficient way to improve the way you speak English.  A good accent coach can save ten’s, if not hundreds of hours, wasting time learning IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), phonetics, articulation, phonology etc.  Accent reduction is an investment.
  9. Accent coaches offer structured programs.  Students may find themselves full of excitement and drive in the beginning but slow down as their enthusiasm fades. A structured accent reduction course can keep you on track.
  10. An accent coach can provide you with valuable at home assignments that target the areas you need to work on.

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